What Does The BrainRecovery Program Entail?

Technology and science has gifted humankind with a host of innovative developments today. These developments also extend to mental and physical health and well-being. One such development that is making waves in the behavioral medicine industry is the BrainRecovery Program.

What does the BrainRecovery Program Mean?

Dr. Curtis Cripe has explained the BrainRecovery Program with the help of a popular book. He is an expert in the field of behavioral medicine and brain development. He is an esteemed researcher of behavioral medicine and neuroengineering at the NTL Group, Inc, in Arizona. He himself  has written a number of books on the subjects and is widely respected in the community for his knowledge and expertise.

Brain recovery- Is it possible?

Dr. Cripe refers to Chapter Four of the popular book “The Healing Power of Neurofeedback: The Revolutionary LENS Technique For Restoring Optimal Brain Function” written by Stephen Larsen that one of the most rewarding experiences of neurofeedback is working with children. The LENS or The Low Energy Neurofeedback System Technique can be applied to children as young as six months. The Technique covers childhood, puberty and stretches till the teenage years of the child.

The book states that the less formed and sensitive nervous system of the child has the capacity to respond quite well to the LENS Technique.This Technique was developed in 1992 by Dr. Lens Ochs and is one of the most highly effective technique for the restoration of brain function. Dr. Ochs had witnessed amazing results while working with weak electromagnetic fields for the stimulation of brain wave activities. He restored the flexibility of the brain as well as its responsiveness.

Repair and develop the brain and get long term results

Citing the above, Dr. Cripe says that therapists go on to explain to parents that their goal is to help repair and later develop the brain gradually. The programs will help children become adaptable, flexible and they can learn better. He further says that the LENS Technique has improved the levels of cortical flexibility in children. He has reduced rigidity and inflexibility in kids. It has both balanced and harmonized the functions of the central nervous system in children. In short, the brain of the child is regulated on its own and there are several benefits when this self- regulation process begins.

Treatment of cognitive dysfunction

The best part is that the BrainRecovery Program is not confined to just children- adults too have benefitted. Like the BrainRecovery Program, other neuroengineering and behavioral medicine techniques are helping patients across the world. Unfortunately, many people are not aware of them. This is why extensive research needs to be conducted so that the word is spread and more and more people come forward to heal cognitive dysfunction that has the ability to ruin their lives if not arrested in time!

Curtis Cripe says that the above BrainRecovery Program has the unique ability to treat many cognitive dysfunctions. There are patients that have benefitted with such a program and have healed. The success stories of them are encouraging.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Audiologist for Children in Calgary

An audiologist can test your hearing to ensure that it is up to par. If you suspect that your child’s ears are not in their best shape, you should seek the help of an audiologist for children, so that they can provide the necessary hearing assessment and provide a solution to the problem. There are many children’s audiologists out there claiming to offer high quality services, but not all can be trusted. Here are a few factors that you should consider to make the right choice:


Many children’s audiologists offer a free initial consultation. Remember this before you pay a clinic for the first hearing assessment in Calgary. When you get your child to the clinic, you can expect them to be given a few different examinations to find out what the problem is. An audiologist should not jump straight to conclusions without at least performing a few tests on the child.

During your child’s hearing assessment in Calgary, consider whether the audiologist is utilizing the most recent technology available. As you probably know from your daily interactions, technology can make things easier. High speed Internet, laptops and cell phones are just a few kinds of technology that can make your life easier, so it makes sense that state-of-the-art tools help audiologists test your child’s hearing ability. Avoid any audiologist for children who seems to be stuck with outdated equipment in their clinic.

Another thing to consider when choosing an audiologist for children is qualifications. There are many quacks out there posing as genuine audiologists, so be careful. Ask where the practitioner attained their training and ensure that it is from a reputable school. Also, ask for proof that the practitioner attends seminars and continuing education programs in this field. Such an audiologist is up to date with the developments in this field of medicine and will offer high quality care to patients.

Another important benefit of choosing a highly trained and qualified children’s audiologist is that beyond the ability to detect your child’s hearing problem, they can treat them, too. After a hearing assessment in Calgary, a good practitioner will recommend the best treatment option for the problem. If your child requires hearing aids, there will be a variety to choose from.

At the very least, your child’s audiologist should be able to refer you to a few good companies that make hearing aids. This way, you are not simply told that your kid has a problem without being told how to deal with it. A good hearing doctor will ensure you either leave with the aids, or a plan in place to acquire them.

The price of the audiologist for children should not matter much unless the first consultation is not free, in which case, you should find out whether or not your insurance will cover it. If not, simply look elsewhere so that you do not spend a lot of money on a consultation that is typically free. Price becomes a factor, though, when buying hearing aids. However, with a little research, you will find high quality hearing aids for your child at a reasonable price.


Hearing Solutions in Markham

Hearing loss is a very common physical condition affecting so many people in Canada and the world at large. This condition has also been linked to more serious conditions like dementia, depression, cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease. If left untreated, hearing loss can negatively affect your safety, communication, relationships, work performance and ultimately, your happiness. To avoid this, it is very important to visit an experienced audiologist if you have experienced any signs of hearing loss.


Hearing Solutions in Markham

If you are in Markham, you can find reputable audiology and hearing aid centres that have specialized in providing topnotch hearing solutions for people of all ages. Upon visiting these centres, the specialists will use advanced techniques and equipment to assess your hearing health before recommending the best solution for your condition. Whether you are looking for hearing aid batteries or other accessories, these centres have you covered. Some of the hearing services and solutions that are offered at these centres include:

  1. Hearing Testing

Before carrying out any procedure, the professionals will do accurate and timely hearing tests. Their in-depth hearing evaluation enables them to craft a reliable treatment plan that will renew your ability to hear. Here, the specialists will interview you to determine the real cause of your hearing problem. After this, a special instrument known as an otoscope may be used to inspect the outer ear. Other tests may entail the use of sound booths, tone testing, speech testing, and audiograms.

  1. Hearing Aid Fitting

The way your hearing aid is fitted can determine its effectiveness. For this reason, it is always important to seek the help of professionals who can help with the fitting of the aid to the ears, as well as adjusting it based on your needs and preferences. The specialists at these centres will check your aid to ensure that it is physically comfortable and program it to suit your needs.

  1. Balance Testing

Dizziness or balance disorders could also be due to problems in the inner ear. There are a number of potential causes of this, including medications and medical conditions. Fortunately, the specialists at these centres do offer proper diagnosis, followed by providing the best treatment options to help you regain your balance.

  1. Tinnitus Therapy

Tinnitus is another very common condition where an individual experiences constant ringing, buzzing or rushing in the ears, hence affecting your hearing ability and level of concentration. The professionals at these centres can recommend the best course of action to help you deal with this problem.

  1. Hearing Aids

These centres also offer a wide range of hearing aids to suit your hearing needs. Their aids are stylish, comfortable and quite effective in their performance. Moreover, the hearing experts will fit, adjust, as well as program the hearing aid to offer you the best hearing possible. Besides the hearing aids, these specialists also offer hearing aid batteries and other accessories that are used in conjunction with the hearing aids.

These centres also offer hearing protection, as well as hearing aid repair services. They are renowned for offering the best hearing solutions in Markham. Whether you are looking for hearing aid batteries or any other accessories, the audiologists and other specialists at these centres can help.