Everyone loves to look young. When you are at your middle age, your urge to undergo some effective hair treatments is likely to increase. Whenever we meet a person, we first notice the person’s hair look because good hair look makes anyone look smarter. India is considered to be one of the best places for hair transplant surgery not only for Indians but also for foreigners. The main reason why people travel to India because of good quality infrastructure, experience professionals, and cost-effective for all and which result in huge profit to our medical tourism; this is the reason why people cross the border for the treatment. Moreover, these foreigners combine tourism with the plan to get treated for some medical ailments that are the secret if the success of medical tourism.

Why is India a preferred destination for treatments by foreigners?

India offers very high-quality treatment at a very low cost. Of late, medical care cost has increased many times in the foreign countries. When they get better treatments at affordable costs, foreigners flock to our country. They provide a package that has treatment cost, accommodation cost, sightseeing costs and post-operative care clubbed together. The people in the UK and US prefer these treatments because it is 20 to 25% of the cost in these western countries. For example, for a single hair follicle transplant in India, it costs 1/2 to 1.2 dollars. Whereas, it will cost 5- 8 dollars in the US. So we can compare that India is an affordable place for treatment than other.

How hair transplant in Ludhiana and Chandigarh different than other cities in India?

Even though Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Surat, and Ahmedabad are equally famous for hair transplant treatments but Hair Transplant in Ludhiana and Hair Transplant in Chandigarh are preferred as the cost for such treatments here are an affordable because of the reason that Ludhiana and Chandigarh are not a metropolitan city. The real fact is that the Hair Transplant cost varies from patient to patient depending upon the number of grafts required, how much they have become bald, etc. There is good news for the people in Ludhiana that advanced FUE techniques are available at a  low cost of Rs. 30,000 to 80,000 for 1000 hair grafts. The cost per graft comes to around Rs. 30-45.

There are four main Hair Transplantation Techniques in India and this are-

FUE Vs. FUT: FUE is the follicular unit extraction wherein, follicles are extracted from the areas that don’t bald to be implanted in areas which are bald. The scars are not that visible if you have a huge volume of hair. This helps the bald areas to grow hair naturally even after the transplanted hair has fallen out.

Whereas FUT is the follicular unit transplant in which strands of hairs are stripped out to be transplanted to these areas that don’t have hair.

PRP: This kind of treatment is one in which the doctor takes out the patient’s blood to separate platelet-rich plasma from the blood. The platelet rich plasma is injected into the bald area to grow hair naturally.

Robotic Technology: This is also FUE technique which is done by a robot that produces best results.

As we discuss how hair transplant in Ludhiana and Chandigarh are better than other cities in India now let’s talk how it is cost effective to have treatment in Ludhiana and Chandigarh in an affordable way.

The cost of hair transplant depending on the number of grafts and levels of baldness levels which vary the cost of hair transplant. Hair transplant surgeries generally cost between Rs- 30,000 to Rs- 80,000 (Depending on the number of hair grafts required the cost may vary)

  1. The cost of Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) method is usually lower when compared to Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant method.
  2. Normally inFUT, it’s around Rs.20/graft to Rs.40/graft while in FUE it’s around RS 30/graft to RS 45/graft, it may further vary depending on the experience and efficiency of the surgeon and the team.
  3. The location of the clinic also plays a very important role while determining the cost.

The hair transplant cost in Ludhiana would rely on the surgeon’s experience, the efficiency of the team, the location of the clinic and the technology used. The cost of hair transplant mainly depends on the number of grafts that to be implanted.

Hair transplant cost in Chandigarh varies due to a number of reasons. It might be high or low depending upon, how many hair grafts are being plucked and planted in scalp during the hair transplant procedure. The cost of hair transplant also takes into account -who’s your doctor? Where you are being operated and how critical is the procedure.

  • Hair Transplant cost-determining factors:

Hair Transplant cost in Ludhiana and Chandigarh starts from Rs.35 and varies depending upon factors like the hair transplant doctor and the hair transplant clinics where you are going to take this hair loss treatment. Below mention is the factors which help you to understand the final cost of your hair transplant surgery:

1.Hair thinning and balding stage-Your hair transplant surgeon or Trichologist will diagnose and tell you the current hair thinning and balding condition and approximately how much your hair transplant might cost.

2.Hair graft number and size-The number and size of hair grafts required for your hair transplantation treatment can only be explained by the expert hair Surgeon/Specialist.

3.Hair Density– The desired hair density that you wish can directly affect the cost of hair transplant. If you need long hair and good volume, then obviously the overall cost of hair transplant surgery will go up. If we say it is not the case, then you have to pay the base price for the hair treatment.

Besides the above factors which influence the cost of hair transplant, others include the hair transplant technique used for the surgery, the skill level of the hair specialist, other needs to the patient, city and the facilities available in the hair transplant clinic. If you have not got the desired results in the first instance, then you might have to undergo more than one hair restoration session. Usually, people who are suffering from the problem of hair thinning need to go under for one or more session.

Hair Grafts-

Hair Grafts: – Grafts containing hair follicles that are genetically resistant to balding, is transplanted to the bald scalp. This hair transplant procedure is called follicular unit transplantation (FUT).

 Baldness Levels:-

However, before going for the consultation you need to understand the different parameter which affects the cost of hair transplant.

  1. The pattern of Baldness
  2. For Level 1 and Level 2, baldness cost is comparatively less.
  3. For Level 3 and Level 3 baldness cost is calculated on per graft basis.
  4. For bigger baldness areas like level 5 and 7, lump sum amount is charged.
  5. Each graft will have 1, 2 or 3 hair as per your natural hair unit
  6. Per graft, the price is generally Rs. 30/- to Rs.45/- depending upon clinic reputation and technology used.
  7. 1 PRP session is normally given FREE during transplantation session.


So, this is the place where I would like to drive you, and hair transplant in Ludhiana and Chandigarh are a preferable destination for hair transplant surgery because most of the clinics use latest technique and procedure, quality professional and expertise with a cost-effective reasonable price.







Upset by looking at your body and the thoughts you get while you look at yourself in the mirrior?

No diet or exercise worked on you to lose fat?

There is this treatment called Liposuction which will help you in removing those extra fats from your body through surgery and it is widely performed around the globe as a part of cosmetic surgery.

Liposuction is also being known as “Lipo” at times by many people. It slims your body and reshapes the specific area by removing fat deposits.

Following countries will provide you Liposuction treatment:

Around the globe, there are many countries who provide liposuction surgery like India, Thailand, USA, Greece, Italy, Brazil and Colombia.

You will find the cost of liposuction in all these countries is very different. The cost varies from country-to-country and from doctor-to-doctor.

When compared to other cities the cost of liposuction in India is very affordable and reasonable because of its developed national medical system and doctors who have done their education from well-known universities of the world.

India the preferred destination for Liposuction:

In India, also you will find many metro cities that provide liposuction at a reasonable cost and even the quality of the treatment is at par.

Metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad etc. provides best liposuction surgery in India.

Delhi being the capital city of India with approx. more than 3 crore population of India stay around this city. This city has served many Empires in past. And it is very well-known and always upfront to accept new techniques, innovations, new culture etc.

Liposuction in Delhi is also very trending because of the influence of western culture i.e., one’s body should be perfect in shape, you should look good, present yourself better so that one’s self-esteem increases from the way they look.

While talking about the cost of this treatment in Delhi.

The cost of liposuction in Delhi is very reasonable and is 70% more cheaper when compared to different countries of the world. Delhi provides you with a minimal cost and an impressive way of working.

When should you consider liposuction as one of your option for losing fat?

  • If your age is around 40years
  • If you do not have any diabetes, thyroid etc. disease
  • If you have excess fat deposits on hips, belly, thighs, neck or chest that does not response to exercise and diet
  • If you feel that some areas in your body are not in proper proportion when compared to the other parts of the body
  • If you are near to your desired body weight.
  • If you have a loose skin that you want to get rid of from your body.
  • If you want to lose a significant amount of fat. But losing fat won’t help you in reducing your weight. It will just help in getting your body in the desired shape and it will help you in looking thinner than before

If you are a part of any of the above 7 points then you can consider liposuction as one of your option to lose fat.

Basic summary about Liposuction Treatment

Before the surgery consult the most experienced and efficient doctor in your area or in your country where it will be easy or reasonable for you to travel.

Once you have chosen your surgeon, the doctor will consult you with the areas of fat from which the fat can be removed, the cost of the surgery, risks, after surgery effects and he will also help you in answering the questions that you have apart from which is not mentioned.

During your consultation, the surgeon will completely examine your body and the blood work. He will even tell you which type of incision will be given during the surgery. The surgeon will also take photos of the part of your body from which fat is to be removed for better comparison of your body after the surgery is done on that specific part of the body.

He will inform you about important issues that are related to surgery i.e., about the operation, its pre-and post care that is to be taken, expensed, his fees, anesthesia fees etc.



Liposuction is a type of plastic surgery which is effective for removal of fat and cellulite and it can be combined with other cosmetic surgery. Liposuction has some of the benefits like improved health with the help of fat loss, the overall structure of body changes and the new look helps you in boosting your self-esteem and confidence.

Following are some benefits in detail of undergoing Liposuction surgery:

1) Improvement in your overall Health: Fat removal from your body will have beneficial effects on your overall well-being. Even doctors agree that weight/fat loss is the most important to lower the risk of heart disease, certain type of cancer, thyroid, diabetes etc.

2) Refined look: The body contouring through liposuction will make you look way better than before and the surgery will even impact in the way you will look and simply feel better because the clothes will surely fit you better than before. Mostly your entire figure of the body will be redefined.

3) Removal of excess fat: each cell in our body has some capacity in the body’s well-being. The fat cells are intended to get stored in some part of your body w.r.t to intake of the food that you had in past. The body utilizes fat for protection, stun injection and emergency source of fuel. And these extra fats can be removed without any harm to your overall body. And Liposuction is one of the best option available to you for removing of such extra fat from your body.

4) there will be reduction in your body’s cellulite or there will be an improvement in the appear ache of your cellulite. Cellulite is a condition in which the skin seems to have a area where the fat is being stored, giving an uneven appearance. Liposuction surgery will help you in removing such cellulite and it will improve your appearance.


Risks in undergoing Liposuction:

Every surgery has some risk involved in it. The complication in Liposuction surgeries is very less. Following are the possible risks/complications that are involved in Liposuction:

  • Blood clots
  • Allergic reaction due to anesthesia
  • Skin infection is possible
  • Healing time can be extended
  • You might find permanent/temporary numbness in the area where the surgery is being taken place.
  • Your nerves can get damaged
  • One can experience burns randomly at any time
  • Temporary fluids can be formed under the skin.but this fluid can be removed with the help of a needle.


Care to be taken before and after the surgery:

Pre-surgery care is as follows:

  • The night before the day of surgery tries to have a sufficient amount of sleep.
  • On the day of surgery, intake minimum amount of food i.e., light breakfast and lunch.
  • Carry all your prescriptions to the surgery place that are being provided or asked by doctor to carry separately
  • If you smoke regularly, then you need to stop smoking prior to your surgery. Generally, you should stop smoking before two weeks of your surgery


Post-surgery care:

  • Keep your car prepared so that post-surgery you can travel in the car comfortably. Make sure your car seats, your pillow cover, bed cover etc. are being covered with waterproof pad/cover
  • Wear cotton garments post-surgery
  • Sit in an upright position post-surgery for few days/months (as directed by your doctor)
  • Regular exercise to be done as the doctor suggests
  • You should follow strict diet that is given to you by the doctor




Liposuction is a field in cosmetic surgery for fat loss. Liposuction is very advantageous to people who wants to get rid of that excess fat. This surgery will surely help people who wants to lose unwanted fats and want their figure to be in shape. Once you choose to undergo this surgery you must take care of various factors that are being directed to you by the doctor i.e., pre-and post-surgery care. Additionally, India is well developed for such cosmetic surgery as India has huge but quality doctors for treatments and one will find cost very reasonable.

To know more about treatments or the doctors in India visit clinicspots

AUTHOR BIO: My name is Kajal Shethia. I am a Medical Blogger and Health Researcher.

Breast Implantation- Types And Procedure

Breast implantation is a surgery which women use to get a perfect size, shape, and roundness of their breast. Women can be very sensitive about their breast but with growing age and after pregnancy women body go through many changes and the sign of those changes start appearing on their breast. Women can also lose the perfect shape of their breast if they are breastfeeding their kids. All these problems can lead to anxiety. The breast implantation is the best option for those women to get the original shape back. Some women go for this procedure because their breast is not big enough and do not have perfect round shape.

Another very big reason of women getting breast implantation is breast cancer. There was a time when people did not even know about breast cancer but now this disease is growing very fast in all over the world and it has become a global issue. Breast cancer can be cured if diagnosed at early stage. Many women lost their breast in the process. Doctors remove breast to remove cancer from the body. Perfect body figure is a way to feel self-confident for many women and losing breast means they have lost their figure. Breast implantation is the best option to give those women their perfect figure back. This process gives those women artificial breast through surgery.


There are many kinds of implantation each kind has its own benefits and purposes. Saline breast implants and structured saline breast implants are almost same. Both have been filled with sterile salt water but the difference between them is the inner structure provided top give a more natural feel of the breast. In the case of leakage in the shell, the implant will collapse and the body will expel the water naturally. Silicone implants are being filled with silicone gel and this gel feels just like real breast tissue. The good part about this implant is that the gel remains in its shell even if it breaks down and the implant does not collapse. But it requires regular checkups to make sure that there is no leakage or any kind of break in the shell. To check the implant your plastic surgeon will prescribe ultrasound or MRI. Gummy bear breast implants are just like silicone gel implants but this implant contains a thicker amount of gel so that breast will feel more natural. The rotation of this implant can cause strange form.  To reshape it, the patient will need another surgery.


Breast enlargement procedure starts with medication given to make the patient feel comfortable during the whole process. The patient can choose between intravenous sedation and general anesthesia.  After giving the sedation the doctor will wait for you to relax. After that Incisions will be made on nonvisible parts of the body so that there won’t be many visible scars. The doctor will ask for the suggestion of patient to choose the best option to get the result she wants. After deciding the Incisions, the implant will be inserted and placed and after that Incisions are closed with layered sutures. Immediately after the process, results will be visible.

Narrowing down on the best facial plastic surgeon

Are you looking for a cosmetic surgeon?  Do you intend to avail facial plastic surgery? Undoubtedly, you must be going through a lot of dilemma for the same. After all, the matter is with regards to your face, your money and your time. Considering the pertinence of personality, not a single aspect can be obliterated. There are definitely many factors which affect the choice, and you have to make sure that you abide with your priorities. One wrong choice and you may have to bear with the consequences immensely.

Hence, here are some tips which will aid you in finding the answer to the query of Who is the top or best cosmetic facial plastic surgeon in Ottawa or as a matter of fact, anywhere in the city you reside:-

  • Qualification-This should ace your list concerning the attributes you are looking for. So, make sure that your surgeon has the requisite qualification in accordance with the norms of the country. Like in Canada, those who aspire to become experts in Cosmetic Surgery are required to pursue a Fellowship. This fellowship is like an extra training to do the surgery better. Hence, it won’t be inappropriate if you first find out with regards to the fellowship training of the surgeon you are planning to visit for your plastic surgery. You can directly ask him or her. Or, you can look at the website or the clinic page.
  • Your compatibility quotient with your surgeon- You need to ask yourself the question, whether you get along with your surgeon or not. And, this criterion is also applicable to the staff of the surgical unit or the clinic. You need to understand the fact that you will need the assistance of the surgeon not just during and before the surgery, but, also after the same. You might be required to talk to him time and again. Hence, make sure that you have a positive reputation with your surgeon so that you are able to feel comfortable before and after surgery.
  • Reviews- So, there is internet accessible to almost every hand and head. Hence, it is rather easy to look up for the reviews of a surgeon or plastic surgeon. Now, when you look at the reviews do not be carried away by the negative reviews. Most of the instances you will be looking at a mixed bag of reviews. It is here that you need to understand that if there are more good reviews than bad ones, the surgeon is probably good. It is because in a particular span of time, when 50-100 surgeries go fine, there is a possibility of 2-3 going bad. That is absolutely normal. And, above all go with your instinct if you are still confused.

So, people all those of you who aspire to avail good surgery need to find the best surgeon. Do not obliterate the fact that it is your face and health which is the subject. Also, always be positive and listen to your surgeon.


Genital Surgery for women: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Pain, irritation, swelling, and discomfort; are these supposed to be part of my everyday life? If you’re one of the thousands of women across the nation who has had to ask this question, then you should know that you do have options. You don’t have to go through the rest of your life suffering pain and discomfort every time that you do the simplest physical activity like go jogging, ride your bike, or have sex. Female genital surgery can relieve the chaffing and swelling and restore the sensation that you’ve lost during sex due to childbirth and other factors. You are about to learn the answers to the most frequently asked questions concerning this surgery…

Female Genital Surgery: What is it?
Female genital surgery is a broad term under which a number of unique vaginal surgeries fall. Of the more common forms of this surgery are vaginal rejuvenation, labiaplasty, labia majora reduction surgery, perineoplasty, clitoral hood reduction, and hymenoplasty. Each of these surgeries has different results, although some of them can be, and often are, combined. If you’re not sure which form of this surgery you want to know more about, then this is something that you can speak to your plastic surgeon about. She or he can answer your questions and tell you which procedure offers the results you’re seeking.

How is Vaginal Surgery Performed?
When you first begin researching female genital surgery you’ll read about several types of techniques plastic surgeons are using to perform the surgery. Laser surgery remains a popular method, but this method is slowly being phased out by a more modern, less damaging method called High Frequency No Scalpel surgery. Both methods allow for a fine precise incision and both have achieved great results. But the differences are definitely worth considering.

High Frequency surgery has some serious advantages over laser surgery. With laser surgery, an intense concentrated beam of light (laser) is used to cut. This beam generates intense heat that damages the skin that it touches causing pain, swelling, and inflammation that can last well into the recovery period. With High Frequency surgery, a radiowave emitted by a fine wire creates a cool tip that doesn’t damaged the skin and causes virtually no bleeding. This means less pain and swelling after surgery and a shorter recovery time for most patients.

How much Does it Cost?
It’s difficult to come up with an exact number when it comes to the cost of female genital surgery. There are just too many variables that can be involved. Costs depend on which type of surgery is being done, where it’s being done, and a ton of other factors. That being said – female genital surgery has been known to range anywhere from a few thousand to ten thousand dollars. Talk with your physician about cost. You should be able to get an approximate number upfront.

How do i Choose a Cosmetic surgery Center?
Female genital surgery is a very personal experience and you’ll want a cosmetic surgery center that you trust. It’s important to find a center that offers the surgery you want by the best method available. Experience should also rank high on what you’re looking for in a female genital surgeon.

Questions About Weight loss Surgery

Bariatric surgery has become many people’s only option when it comes to losing excess weight, and more and more people are seriously considering this form of surgery. Making the decision to have weight loss surgery is never an easy decision to make. For many people, it has become the only way that they feel they can lose the immense weight they are carrying around with them.

Weight loss surgery is far more than simply a surgical procedure, and it will need the full commitment from the patient for it to succeed. You will need to understand that the bariatric surgery will change your life and that you need to commit to the new lifestyle changes. You will need to follow a strict diet and exercise plan to ensure that the weight loss continues.

When contemplating any surgery procedures, you will want to know everything there is to know about the procedure. Bariatric surgery is very serious and you will need to fully appreciate what you are having done, and how you will carry on with your life after the surgery. There are risks with any surgery; however, weight loss surgery is a very common operation with very few complications.

The weight loss surgery you are having done will often determine the level of risk that you are being placed within. If you are healthy, and have no other medical conditions the bariatric surgery should have no issues or problems. Often this style of surgery is aimed at people who have tried all other methods of weight loss, but have failed to achieve their target weight.

Many people instantly want to know how much weight loss they are likely to experience with the bariatric surgery. This will depend on several different factors including the style of procedure that is being performed. The weight loss that you are capable of achieving will also depend on the exercise and diet plan that you have chosen to follow. Although the surgery can aid your progress, the hard work is up to you.

Qualifying for bariatric surgery is harder than you may think, and typically you will need to undergo several assessments before it is agreed. Often your weight will play a huge part in deciding if you are a good candidate for weight loss surgery. Although you may not be obese just yet, if the surgeon feels you will reach obesity soon they may recommend the surgery.

The diet that you follow after the bariatric surgery is very important, and you need to fully understand what you can and cannot consume. The first few weeks after the surgery it is essential that you stick to the diet plan. Liquids and pureed foods will be the only foods that you can have for at least five weeks after the surgery. Slowly other foods can be introduced to your diet and your exercise plan can begin.

If you are serious about wanting to lose the excess weight and you are fully prepared to put the effort in, bariatric surgery may be ideal for you. Although you may have struggled in the past to achieve results, with the help of the weight loss surgery, it may be the beginning of your new life.

Get your Plastic Surgery in Fort Worth

Cases of plastic surgery in Fort Worth, as with trends in other locales, have increased dramatically over the past few decades. The term plastic surgery covers a wide range of procedures ranging from craniofacial surgeries to pediatric surgeries.

The concept of plastic surgery dates back as early as the time of the Romans, who had the capabilities to fix soldiers damaged ears. The mainstream plastic surgery procedures were not seen until the 18th century.

Modern plastic surgery has improved drastically since the 18th century. Plastic surgery in Fort Worth is done by qualified doctors and surgeons. In 2007, the doctors compiled a list of the top ten plastic surgery procedures done in the city.

-Liposuction. Costing anywhere from $3, 000 to $10, 000, liposuction removes fatty deposits that often diet and or exercise alone cannot.

-Breast augmentation. For between $5, 000 and $10, 000 plastic surgeons can increase or reduce the size and shape of women’s breasts. These procedures are done for both cosmetic and medical reasons.

-Chin Implants. Chin implants are commonly done for cosmetic purposes and are used to reshape or balance out a person’s face. Chin plastic surgery in Fort Worth has an estimated average cost of $3, 500.

-Botox. Although Botox is not a surgical procedure, it is still the fourth ranked plastic surgery procedure in Fort Worth. Each Botox injection can cost up to $1, 000.

-Eyelid Surgery. Eyelid surgery enhances the overall appearance of the skin around the eyes. Eyelid enhancement surgery starts at $2, 500 and up.

-Skin tightening. Known as Thermage, the skin is tightened using a radio- frequency device. This plastic surgery procedure, if done in Fort Worth, can cost between $1, 000 and $4, 000.

-Facelift. A facelift is common plastic surgery in Fort Worth. During a facelift the underlying facial muscles are tightened to give a wrinkle free complexion. The average cost for a facelift in Fort Worth is $7, 500.

-Nose jobs. Medically referred to as Rhinoplasty this procedure is to alter the appearance of the nose and can cost up to $5, 000 depending on the work required.

-Tummy Tucks. Tummy tucks can tighten and flatten the stomach area. This type of plastic surgery in Fort Worth costs between $4, 000 and $8, 000.

-Butt Implants. At the bottom of the list (Yes, pun intended), are butt implant procedures. Butt implants are much like breast implants, in that their purpose is to add shape and size. The cost for this procedure generally varies.

While plastic surgery trends are growing nationally and more procedures and better techniques are emerging, there is no need to leave Fort Worth. Plastic surgery in Fort Worth is inexpensive and safe. The doctors are professional and experienced in all of the plastic surgery areas.

Corrective Laser Eye Surgery – Why you should Keep Your Old Glasses After the Surgery

The Lasik surgery is a brand new surgery designed to help people improve their vision. During the surgery, patients are completely conscious. The surgery can be summarized as follows: the first part of the surgery consists of the actual cutting off a flap into the cornea by the practitioner either by using a dedicated knife called microkeratome or a dedicated laser. The second part of the surgery involves leaving the pivot on one side of this flap in order to removed and replaced later on.

During the process of removing the flap, the practitioner remodels the stroma, the middle part of the cornea. This is achieved by the means of an excimer laser used to remove supplementary and unnecessary tissue without hurting essential parts.

The results

Many patients claim that their vision was improved straight away after the surgery while others recorded an improvement after some time, not immediately after the surgery.

Lucky patients recorded an improvement factor of 20/20 or even better after the surgery while others recorded worse results below 20/40. Although 20/40 is an acceptable result especially some people can drive with this level of vision but this level is definitely not the perfect case. These people still wear eyeglass or contact to correct their vision even if their prescription was lower than before.

Moreover, a regression phenomenon was recorded on some patients after the surgery. This clearly shows that their vision is gradually getting worse and worse. In this case, surgeons often rely on enhancements to improve the vision.


Elder patients, those over forties may still find useful to wear eyeglasses or bifocals to read newspapers even if they have undergone the surgery. The reason of this is presbyopia which is experienced at the age ranging from 38 to 42. Presbyopia is characterized by the brittleness of the distance vision therefore making it very difficult to perceive objects which are closer to the viewer.

Presbyopia occurs with ageing and can be improved with eyeglasses. It is characterized by the loss of the ability to dynamically alter the target in order to see closer objects. This phenomenon is mistakenly referred to as farsightedness. However these two abnormalities are different from each other. Indeed, presbyopia is noticed when the lens of the eye fails to be flexible whereas farsightedness is noticed after a distorted eyeball. This results in an incorrect bending of the light after entering into the eye.

With the advent of the Lasik it is now possible to cure the farsightedness abnormality because of the change of the form of the cornea required by the surgery. Unfortunately at the moment, presbyopia cannot be cured by Lasik although recent studies are focusing on the possibility to use the surgery to cure the abnormality.


This abnormality can be a side effect of the surgery. It is characterized by the incorrect approximation of the corneal surface which in turn brings about the incorrect centering of the laser correction. Astigmatism is reported to lead to strange phenomena such as blurred vision, double vision and ghost images. Eyeglasses and an additional surgery may be a way around these problems.

The Bottom line

Realistic expectations are required for this surgery. If someone expects a perfect vision after the surgery, he or she may be disappointed as the surgery is not perfect itself. Also, patients should also take into account possible complications following the surgery even if these are very unlikely.

Another problem is the regression phenomenon which was recorded in some patients after the surgery. Again this can be cured by either eyeglasses or an additional surgery.

Briefly speaking, you should remember that some sizes of eyesight are a common part of the ageing process. So you should bear in mind that you may still need your old glasses after the surgery just in case. Throughout this article we have shown some examples especially elder people undergoing the surgery and later on contracting presbyopia. Presbyopia is a serious disease that needs to be addressed rather sooner than later.

How much Does Lap Band Surgery Cost?

If you’re thinking about getting lap band surgery after trying and failing to lose weight for any reason, one of your first considerations will be to find out how much it will cost? Prices vary and this article will give you an idea of what the costs will be for this adjustable gastric banding surgery and what additional or associated costs to consider also.

The cost of lap band surgery depends first of all on whether you plan to have it done in the united states or whether you plan to travel to another country. But more so before you investigate you want to make sure you’re qualified for the lap band procedure because it’s not an elective surgery. The National Institutes of Health have certain guidelines that weight loss or bariatric surgeons use to determine whether you’re a qualified candidate or not.

Lap band surgery won’t even be considered if you aren’t 18 years of age or older or don’t have a Body Mass Index (BMI) between 40 and 60. The exception is if it’s 35 or greater with co-morbid, obesity-related or associated conditions such as sleep apnea, diabetes mellitus, infertility, metabolic syndrome or high cholesterol among others. The list includes many other diseases that are often associated with obesity.

You must also have made a significant effort to lose weight by weight loss programs that are supervised by physicians or other authorized weight loss programs over an extended period of time without achieving a sustainable weight loss.

So if you meet the NIH criteria and your doctor certifies you then your health insurance should cover it but if you don’t qualify you may have to pay for it yourself if you can get a bariatric surgeon, perhaps in Mexico or another country to agree to perform the surgery.

When determining the cost of the surgery you must consider all the other associated costs. These costs include lab tests, your surgeon’s fees and the hospital expenses. After surgery you’ll have follow up tests, doctor visits perhaps psychological support and food, diet and nutritional counseling.

If you have the surgery in the united states the cost of lap band surgery has been steadily going down over the past few years. Perhaps because more weight loss surgeons are performing it and there is more emphasis in the news and/or from increased competition from weight loss surgeons in Europe and Australia and countries such as Mexico, Brazil, India, and Canada. There may be more competition, making lap band surgery cheaper, in popular gastric banding cities like Houston, Chicago, and Dallas and in states such as Texas, Florida, Illinois, and California.

Cost of lap band surgery in the us can cost from $13, 000 on up, not including any of the associated costs that you’ll have before or after surgery. It would be difficult to estimate all the costs you’ll have prior to surgery. Complications may occur following surgery that would drive the cost up also. If you have health insurance coverage this may be less of a concern.

Cost of lap band surgery can be as little as $8000 in Mexico and has been going down considerably in the past few years. But you must make sure that you add on all your travel costs – airfare and airfare for any return visits if necessary, hotel stays, rental cars, etc. The procedure itself is usually a one-night stay or less. The actual hospital costs will be less. Surgery outside the united states will probably not be covered by your health insurance company.

If you’re covered by your health insurance policy then it would be better and safer to have your lap band surgery in the united states. Plus if medical complications arise you will be better protected legally. If you’re not covered then make sure to weigh all the costs of the surgery – the costs to have gastric banding procedures in the us compared to Mexico for example, where your travel costs may be considerably less and you may be close to home or in Canada if it’s closer geographically to you. Many lap band procedures are done there as well. Canada has free health benefits that you may be eligible for.

In any case make sure to weigh all the pros and cons of the surgery as well as the cost of lap band surgery. Even though the lap bad can be removed (it’s reversible) you want to be aware of all the risks and side effects besides the weight loss benefits.

Steps to take For Plastic surgery

Plastic surgery is a specialty that many surgeons perform to help people enhance their face and body. Many people choose this as an option when they want to reshape their physical features or improve their self-esteem by making their bodies look better.

In the Fort Worth area you will find several qualified surgeons who have over 20 years of experience in the field. You will also find that they have done hundreds of procedures on every area of the body. In fact, this is one of the major areas where people go to have the plastic surgery done.

When you go in for a plastic surgery in Fort Worth as in other cities, the procedure is considered a cosmetic surgery and therefore many insurance companies don’t cover it. The basic reason is because they look at it as an elective surgery which means it is not really needed. But most people see a reason to get the surgery so are happy to pay out of their pockets.

The first step in finding someone to do the plastic surgery in Fort Worth, is to find a surgeon you can trust. Also check out their credentials. Some of the things you should look for when checking their credentials include:

– They have completed at least five years of surgery with at least two years in plastic surgery.
– They are trained in all plastic surgery procedures including breast, body and face reconstruction
– They only work in accredited medical facilities
– They have a strict code of ethics they follow
– They are board certified by the American Board of Plastic surgery.

While you are finding the surgeon for plastic surgery in Fort Worth, you should be thinking about what type of surgery you want and what part of the body you want to change. There are a myriad of choices and you will find books in a surgeon’s office that you can look through. However, you can look through any magazines to get an idea of the kind of change you want to make.

You can change just about any part of your body starting with something small like your eyes, cheeks or even ears. Most people have heard stories about breast enhancements and face lifts but there are other things you can do. Fort Worth surgeons can help.

Another area where plastic surgery is done is after weight loss surgery. Many people find that having plastic surgery after lap band or gastric bypass will take away the excess tissue that shows after people loose weight.

Many people get plastic surgery as they are aging to take away wrinkles or age spots. Some people want fuller breasts or lips but it is really up to you. What do you want to enhance? How do you want to do it? A qualified Fort Worth surgeon can help you make your decisions.

Everyone wonder whether the procedure hurts and whether there are complications. Usually you can ask the surgeon about this before you go in for the procedure because everyone reacts to plastic surgery in different ways.

Most doctors in Fort Worth have websites where you can go and look at their work. They also have information about the procedures and how they work so that you can be informed before you start.