Breast Implantation- Types And Procedure

Breast implantation is a surgery which women use to get a perfect size, shape, and roundness of their breast. Women can be very sensitive about their breast but with growing age and after pregnancy women body go through many changes and the sign of those changes start appearing on their breast. Women can also lose the perfect shape of their breast if they are breastfeeding their kids. All these problems can lead to anxiety. The breast implantation is the best option for those women to get the original shape back. Some women go for this procedure because their breast is not big enough and do not have perfect round shape.

Another very big reason of women getting breast implantation is breast cancer. There was a time when people did not even know about breast cancer but now this disease is growing very fast in all over the world and it has become a global issue. Breast cancer can be cured if diagnosed at early stage. Many women lost their breast in the process. Doctors remove breast to remove cancer from the body. Perfect body figure is a way to feel self-confident for many women and losing breast means they have lost their figure. Breast implantation is the best option to give those women their perfect figure back. This process gives those women artificial breast through surgery.


There are many kinds of implantation each kind has its own benefits and purposes. Saline breast implants and structured saline breast implants are almost same. Both have been filled with sterile salt water but the difference between them is the inner structure provided top give a more natural feel of the breast. In the case of leakage in the shell, the implant will collapse and the body will expel the water naturally. Silicone implants are being filled with silicone gel and this gel feels just like real breast tissue. The good part about this implant is that the gel remains in its shell even if it breaks down and the implant does not collapse. But it requires regular checkups to make sure that there is no leakage or any kind of break in the shell. To check the implant your plastic surgeon will prescribe ultrasound or MRI. Gummy bear breast implants are just like silicone gel implants but this implant contains a thicker amount of gel so that breast will feel more natural. The rotation of this implant can cause strange form.  To reshape it, the patient will need another surgery.


Breast enlargement procedure starts with medication given to make the patient feel comfortable during the whole process. The patient can choose between intravenous sedation and general anesthesia.  After giving the sedation the doctor will wait for you to relax. After that Incisions will be made on nonvisible parts of the body so that there won’t be many visible scars. The doctor will ask for the suggestion of patient to choose the best option to get the result she wants. After deciding the Incisions, the implant will be inserted and placed and after that Incisions are closed with layered sutures. Immediately after the process, results will be visible.